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Dreaming of Middle East? This trip traverses four countries, Palestine, Israel, Jordan& Egypt, taking you to the highlights of these stunning areas!. Spend a month traversing these unique and incredibly diverse countries. Experience the warm hospitality as you immerse yourself in the culture. Feel like a member of the community as you live with a family and contribute your time to explore at local projects. Head to the Wadi Rum desert where you will be amazed by the beauty of the sand dunes as you ride across on the back of a camel. Snorkel in the Red Sea and relax on the Mediterranean Sea coast’s beautiful beaches. Cruise the Nile and visit the great Pyramids. Visit the oldest works of Islamic architecture to survive, the Dome of the Rock and admire the colorful goods and exotic spices in the old city of Jerusalem. Understand the mix of religions as you visit Christian monasteries, Islamic mosques, and Jewish synagogues. From the East to the West, experience the excitement and variety of these countries.

Program Overview

Yalla Mishwar is designed for internationals who wish to be immersed in a challenging and enriching international experience read more...

Dates, Deadlines & Fees

Yalla Mishwar takes place May 19- June 17, 2017 which includes 2 weeks in Palestine & Israel one week in Jordan, and one week in Egypt. Read More...

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