About Us

Ahlan and welcome to the Ultimate Middle East Adventure!

The Yalla Mishwar is a Peace by Piece Tours- coordinated program offering participants the opportunity to go on a one month journey over the summer where they will have the chance to explore four communities, encounter exotic wildlife, shop in bustling local markets, bask in the sun on great beaches, learn about current issues from political activists and NGO guest speakers, hike in the countryside, taste the local cuisine, dance to the rhythm of Arabic music, and experience the wonders of life in Palestine, Israel, Jordan & Egypt.

Peace by Piece Tours is a licensed travel agency in Bethlehem, Palestine with a sister office in Georgia, USA. Our mission is to allow travelers through responsible tourism to positively impact the communities they visit through quality travel and service programs. We believe that we are all pieces that fit together to create peace on Earth. That is why we are dedicated to bringing people together through a unique program such as Yalla Mishwar.

Many people are frightened to visit the Middle East due to the ongoing struggles and fighting. However, we believe there is no better time to visit and experience these countries than now. Within conflict, there is also peace. That is what the people, culture, history, and religion of these countries will show you. Be an agent of change and spread the idea of peace and love!

We are committed to leading by example- to providing quality travel opportunities through engaging our travelers in hands-on projects designed to benefit the community and create change.